Art Project Depot - About Us

Art Project Depot is an independent platform created in 2005 by Irina Batkova - writer, curator, art consultant. The focus of our activities are projects that explore the contemporary world and its political, economic, cultural and historical parameters. Art Project Depot supports new artistic research practices that provoke discussions on a wide range of topics and issues related to the state of contemporary culture and arts. Our programme includes exhibitions aimed at promoting different generations of Bulgarian and foreign visual artists and co-productions with independent cultural organisations and scientific communities.


Irina Batkova - Founder / Curator
Karina Simova - Project manager
Ivan Kostov - Public program and outreach coordinator
Georgi Gogov - Web design / Development
Rayna Teneva - Photography / Postproduction
Zhenya Gundasheva - Translator / Editor
Nora Goleshevska - Head of research and educational programs