Funda Baysal (1990, Turkey)

Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Art Project Depot - 5 questions - Funda Baysal
What are the most essential components of your artistic practice?

Reflection, repetition.

How do you interact with space when creating a project?

I use my work as a tool to interact. Tactility, choices of material all have their place in my practice, telling a story of my everyday life.

What is the role of text in your work?

Telling about my work is more meaningful because putting in words feels like institutionalizing your thoughts. It’s hard to communicate within a couple of sentences and often artists use complicated language when there is no connection for mutual communication.

What reaction do you attempt to provoke in your audience through your work?

In the core of my work process I incorporate time and the body. I try to show this with materials or craftswomanship.

What is the role of the research approach in contemporary art?

Researching a subject is very important because it should resonate the character, the interests of the artist and the work environment. If I am interested in doing something, spending time on researching it doesn’t feel like work. This makes me more productive. There are economic reasons for an artist to try to practice something or do research. These factors come together and you find your place in between to make the best use of the situation in order to carry out research. In the meantime, you are also learning to cope with setbacks. The result is what often people see and judge, however, personal growth during the research process is more worthwhile.

Selected works