Levi van Veluw (1985, the Netherlands)

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Art Project Depot - 5 questions - Levi van Veluw
What are the most essential components of your artistic practice?

Essentially my work is always auto - biographical. To express my ideas, I am using all available materials and media.

How do you interact with space when creating a project?

When I prepare an exhibition, I approach the space as a walkthrough experience for the visitor. The right cohesion between the works is crucial.

What is the role of text in your work?

I try to keep this to a minimum. By creating an environment in which everything must be redefined, the visitor loses his hold and grip on reality. His senses and brain become over-stimulated, emotions and feelings are fired up.

What reaction do you attempt to provoke in your audience through your work?

It totally depends on the project.

What is the role of the research approach in contemporary art?

This is always important, however sometimes working intuitively can be just as important.

Selected works