Lili Huston-Herterich (Canada)

Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Art Project Depot - 5 questions - Lili Huston-Herterich
What are the most essential components of your artistic practice?

Improvisation, time, repetition, return, simultaneity, chaos, calm.

How do you interact with space when creating a project?

I always think about the site. If space is required, I either make it, or take it.

What is the role of text in your work?

It plays an important role: one method is slow writing, remixing and writing text with fiber-based materials (yarns, cloth, printed clothing). I also have a writing practice - sometimes bad poetry, most often run-on prose, and rarely, but if I’m in the right mood and am lucky, text that connects what I’m reading or experiencing together.

What reaction do you attempt to provoke in your audience through your work?

Curiosity, and serious play.

What is the role of the research approach in contemporary art?

Artistic practice is necessary. Research is a life practice. If art and artists can reap the rewards of what comes with being recognised as research practices within institutions such as the academic, the cultural, or otherwise, then so be it: though art transcends and moves beyond these institutional containers and qualifying bodies.

Selected works