Selected Artists From The Herbarium Collection

The Herbarium project explores the working environment in contemporary culture, and at its centre is a collection capturing the creative energy of different generations of artists around the world in 40x40x10cm or 20x40x10cm boxes. The content of each box is accompanied by a description and a sound file published on the website Invited by the curator Irina Batkova, the artists select two new participants - thus creative contacts in the art world are tracked through the new additions to the collection.

During the preparation of the first exhibition "The Herbarium [...]

Herbarium Collection - Dutch Release

The Herbarium project examines the essence of the creative process through work strategies and contacts between visual artists in contemporary culture. The Herbarium collection seals the energy of the creative act of different generations of artists around the world into boxes, similar to those that store plant specimens. The boxes are accompanied by original text and audio files, as well as additional materials, related to the artistic biographies of the participants. The collected materials are published at

The H Talks video portraits which are part of the [...]

One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy

In his work “One must imagine Sisyphus happy” Radostin Sedevchev continues to examine such global topics as the boundaries of life and death, unique subjective concepts of the world and the way social self-determination of the individual is realized through the prism of time. The content is structured in the typical for this author camera obscura states, which collect various epochs into an optical focal point, where the past is represented through different personal archives, having accidentally found their way to the hands of the artist.

The basis of the present project is underlain by [...]

Architecture of Sound

The creation of a sculpture that works as a musical instrument involves not only the consideration of different materials as sources of sound waves, but also the study of the internal, invisible to visual perception, spaces of forms in terms of their acoustic and resonant properties. With his work on three-dimensional objects, which when interacting with the audience, produce sounds, Martian Tabakov explores the idea of shape formation from a totally different angle. This is an artistic effort in a direction that goes beyond the generalized definition of sculpture as resolving plastic problems [...]