Herbarium Collection

The Herbarium collection documents the energy of the creative act, whether it is a fixed momentary impulse or a precisely considered gesture. Herbarization is the act of capturing memories, emotions, words, images that have lost their meaning, images that have gradually become essential, the explosive joy of new ideas, its transformation into calm indifference, or in short, the ceaseless human quest for meaning in all its dimensions. What would the selection of museum specimens of world culture look like if it were the work of artists rather than art historians? In what way would each artist [...]


Herbarium Collection - Dutch Release

The Herbarium project examines the essence of the creative process through work strategies and contacts between visual artists in contemporary culture. The Herbarium collection seals the energy of the creative act of different generations of artists around the world into boxes, similar to those that store plant specimens. The boxes are accompanied by original text and audio files, as well as additional materials, related to the artistic biographies of the participants. The collected materials are published at

The H Talks video portraits which are part of the [...]


# stateofexception

On March 13, 2020, a state of exception was stated in Bulgaria, as in many countries around the world, in connection with the declared pandemic of  Covid 19 virus. The subsequent social isolation stopped not only the normal rhythm of life for every citizen from the affected countries, it rescheduled all over the world under completely new rules of conduct in the public arena unforseen for us all. Unexpectedly, we found ourselves in a situation of an unfamiliar form of government, which, according to Giorgio Agamben's definition, "is no one's land between public law and political fact, and [...]